Onward Brass Band

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Onward Brass Band 2018 Update 

 I am happy to announce that I have selected a very talented young trombone player, James Wall to move in a new direction with new determination to continue the Tradition of the historic ONWARD BRASS BAND. We have scheduled a recording session in New Orleans and our goal is that ONWARD will again return to the French Quarter Fest and the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, which it has appeared at for many years until recently.

  We plan to feature examples of music that Louis Armstrong was famous for

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Recent Appearances 

In April Onward Brass Band had successful appearances at both French Quarter Festival and the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Our leader, Leon, "Kid Chocolate" Brown put together a group of younger N.O. musicians,together with Kurt Nicewander and Tom Fischer. Plans are underway for Leon to seek regular appearances for Onward in the next year. Kurt Nicewander

Onward Brass Band Has a New Leader! 

Dr.Kurt Nicewander, who has been the leader of Onward Brass Band since the sudden passing of Placide Adams,in 2003, has entered into an agreement that names Leon Kid Chocolate Brown the new leader of the band. Leon promises to continue the Tradition of this historic band, adding some new sounds to enjoy. We welcome him and wish him many years of great performances Leon also leads a popular band at the Royal Sonesta Irvin Mayfield Jazz Playhouse every Friday night His website is…

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Tom Jacobsen 

Tom Jacobsen is  no longer  serving in an official capacity with the Onward Brass Band, but we remain close friends and supporters of New Orleans Traditional Jazz. He is devoting much of his time to promoting his new book, which has now been published. He has been of invaluable assistance in the continuing task of reestablishing Onward in New Orleans and the brass band community in New Orleans.I cannot thank him enough for the work he has done for us.

Check out his website, http://www.neworleansnotes.com/

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French Quarter Fest 2012 

Onward appeared in Woldenberg Park at the Capital One Legacy Stage before a large enthusiastic audience, estimated at 3-4,000covering the long lawn in front of the stage. We had a special guest appearance by Uncle Lionel Batiste, who appears with the Treme Brass Band, and has been seen on the HBO show "Treme". Band members were some of the best in new Orleans: Wendell Brunious on Trumpet; Kevin Lewis, trumpet; Ronell Johnson, trombone; Otis Bazoon, saxaphone; Tom Fischer, clarinet; Jeffrey Hill…

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1973 Paul Simon Album 

I received an inquiry whether Onward Brass band ever had any association with a " Paul Simon" in a 1973 album, and the band did not, to my knowledge.

R. Kurt Nicewander

French Quarter Fest 



On Wednesday, the French Quarter Festival announced a new attendance record based on the calculation that approximately 533,000 people attended it last weekend. This year's attendance was enhanced by the addition of Thursday, making the festival four days long for the first time underline;" "The French Quarter Festival is great for New Orleans in so many ways - as a celebration of a one-of-a-kind neighborhood in America, as a showcase for our city's wonderful music…

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